Tips for Taking Product Photos That Will Make Your Products Look Better

Taking product photos that will make your products look better isn’t always as easy as it sounds. With today’s standards and how we interact with technology, most people perceive a product based on the images of it they see online. If you’re selling your products online or through an app, you want potential customers to see them in the best light possible so they can easily.

Depending on who you are and what sort of products you sell, different tips and tricks may work better than others when taking your product photos. Whether you have a little time every day to spend shooting your items or need help getting new ones consistently captured, here are some helpful tips for taking product photos that will make your products look better.

Get to know your camera

If you have an iPhone, chances are your camera is already set up and ready to go when you set up your device. However, if you’ve never been too interested in how your camera works or if you’re not really a photography type of person, it may take a little bit of effort to learn how to get the best product photos from it. First, you will want to make sure your camera settings are correct. Depending on what camera you’re using, these settings may vary slightly. Next, you may want to turn on the flash. This will help in low light situations, but it will also help in brighter situations where you have the camera tilted towards the light.


Don’t just rely on the light

Visual cues and lighting are important, but depending on your product and how the light is presented, it can be easy for you to overreact to the light that is being presented and end up with very misleading photos. To avoid this, you will want to start seeing the light from your photos from different angles and different points of view so you can get a better sense of what is really happening. This will allow you to spot areas where the light is being presented in a misleading manner and make adjustments where needed so your products look their best.


Utilize photo editing software 

In order for your product to look as good as it possibly can in a photograph, you will want to shoot your product in high quality images. While many people make the mistake of taking photos with their cell phones because they don’t know any better, this can actually be a huge detriment to their products. To avoid this, you will want to take high quality photos of your products with a high quality camera at a high quality distance. Beyond that, you will also want to make sure to shoot photos in areas with enough light to show the product well while also not over exposing it. The best way to do this is to shoot your products in an environment with low to medium light. For example, you could shoot your products in an indoor office with low lighting or outdoors with a cloudless sky. These two scenarios will help you avoid over-exposing your products while still showing them well.


Find a good vantage point

Depending on your shooting situation and how your camera is set up, you may be shooting from a variety of different angles. However, most people are only shooting from one or two angles, which may not be enough to fully show off a product. To avoid this, you will want to also shoot from a different angle from different points of view. Depending on the product and your shooting situation, this may require you to get on a ladder, on a stool, or even on the floor to get a different view of your product.


Get help from an expert OR download Bluehour app for shopify to aid your DIY juices

When you first get started with taking photos of your products you might need some outside help for certain types of photos.

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Use various lighting techniques for different scenarios

As you start taking photos of your products, you will quickly realize that certain light sources work better than others. To avoid spending a lot of time getting different types of light, you will want to keep a stock of different lighting techniques. As you take photos of your products, you will quickly find yourself using different types of light for different scenarios. 



Taking great product photos is important for retailers and manufacturers because it will help to increase conversion rates and sales by showing potential customers what the products look like. If you are unsure how to take product photos that will make your products look better, these tips will help. You will need to get to know your camera, don’t just rely on the light, make sure your settings are correct, shoot in low light with enough light to show the product, shoot from different angles, and keep a stock of different light sources. Alternatively, to get rid of all the hassles try Bluehour for Shopify , we help businesses in driving sales with incredible product photos. Increase your customer engagements, with product photos that stand out using Bluehour today.