The Tricks to Creating Stunning Images to Sell your Products

Buying products can be a hassle. Not just because of the range you need to check or because of the number of prices you need to check. It’s also because of how much you hate seeing all those items laid out on your table with their labels and packaging staring back at you. People are so used to seeing things in stacks, tubes, packaging and cardboard boxes that it’s actually quite difficult to get them to see things differently again.

Even if they love everything about the new thing they saw, they can’t see it or remember it beyond one quick glance on its shelf (or ooooh let me just go online and look at thousands of similar products). If we could take a product home with us after we leave the store, no one would ever buy anything else again! Right? Well… maybe not everything is as hopeless as that sounds. Making an interesting product is not impossible but it does take some extra effort and planning. Read on for some tips on how to create stunning images to sell your products

Create Stunning Photos

The first thing that comes to mind is to find a photographer and it doesn’t come for free. You can also try going to a studio to get your photos done, but that can get quite expensive. But with Bluehour for Shopify you can create amazing product photos for your Shopify storefront, and boost your sales by 50 folds.



Write Compelling Copy

One of the most important parts of selling your product online is the copy. Your copy is what gets the reader excited enough to want to click the link and check out your listing. It’s what gets them to buy your product. The copy should be written with the reader in mind. This means putting them at the center of your product listing. Product listing copy should be written like a conversation between the buyer and your product. For example, how would you talk to your friend about how great the new gizmo is? Well, that’s what your copy should sound like. It should sound like you are talking to your product, telling it all the things that it does really well and how great it is.


Update Your Product webpage

If your product image is not doing the trick, but you like the look of an image you used, you can always change your images on your product page. You can do this by going to your product page and clicking on "Edit" in the top right corner. From here you can change your images, your listing title and your listing description. Make sure that you remember to do this before your listing goes live as it will save you from having to do it after your listing goes live and you have no screenshots or images saved. You can change the images on your listing, but not the ones on your product page.


Add Value to your Products

A good way to add value to your products is to include useful and practical information in your product description. Try to include information such as: - How to use your product, e.g. steps on how to install, use and clean it etc. - What other people have said about your product, e.g. what other people have said about the same gizmo you are selling. - What other items you have made that are related to your product, e.g. a tutorial on how to make a gizmo from your company.


Make it Sturdier

Try to keep your listing images as high resolution as possible to help your images look as professional as possible. You can do this by keeping the original images on your computer or mobile device and backing them up to the cloud. You can also try using online image editing programs such as Bluehour for Shopify. This will help you edit your images before you upload them to your listing.


Final Words

Creating stunning images to sell your products will help you stand out from the crowd and attract new customers to your products. Make sure that you keep your images as high resolution as possible and don’t forget to include your product’s value in your copy. Give your listing all the attention it deserves and you will see the results you want and increase your sales. There are many products that can be sold online, but many of them are poorly designed. The images on those products often don’t capture the reader’s attention. They are void of any sort of visual appeal, and they fail to convey the product’s value to the customer. Good design often costs nothing, and bad design often costs a lot. The goal of this article is to help you find out how to create stunning images to sell your products.