Shopify 2022 - Product Photography Guide For Your store

With Shopify, you're joining 1 million intelligent businesspeople who have already chosen this simple ecommerce platform! No surprise that this leading ecommerce solution handles all the operational and technical issues associated with running a website, payment integration, hosting services, and email marketing.

The one thing they don't do is provide product photographs for your Shopify store. You'll have to figure out how to make seamless product photos on your own after you've spent all that time developing and producing your products. After you've invested so much time developing and producing your products, you must ensure they're showcased properly. 
Multiple research has proven that high-quality product images are directly correlated with higher conversion rates, return rates, checkout abandonments, and other ecommerce-critical KPIs, such as customer loyalty and brand awareness. 
There are some crucial factors that impact the conversion rate of an online store. According to Shopify, 90% of online consumers base their purchasing decisions on product images.
  1.  In addition, 28% of respondents reported that a lack of or inaccurate product pictures caused them to abandon their carts.
  2.  If a website does not load quickly, consumers will abandon the cart without hesitation — and image file size and format are key factors.  
  3. It was also found that excellent website design was the biggest credibility factor in a survey by Stanford Technology Center, with 46% of respondents agreeing.
  4.  Blurred images will be detrimental to even the most pixel-perfect Shopify stores. 
  5. A majority of online shoppers, 78%, want to see product images in the store. As a result, it is logical that shoppers need to see product shots in order to evaluate and appreciate your goods. 
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